'Anarkana' outlineEdit

The central character awakens from a cryogenic sleep somewhere in space, with little memory of who he is. The only other person on board, initially, is an old man called Jack - who is mechanic, pilot and navigator aboard the vessel, which he lovingly refers to as Tess.

This is the opening setting of the story, which is split into three parts, 'Revival', 'Arrival' and 'Survival'. The first part concerns the voyage of the space-craft, and the central character's attempts to remember who he is and to find out who his travelling companions are. The second part concerns his arrival at the port at the end of the journey, and his attempts to adapt to reality as it now stands. The final part examines what is, perhaps, the true reality.

The story will be using imagery from tarot, the path of the story (and numbers of the chapters) based on the cards of the Major Arcana. The four suits of the Minor Arcana will play a lesser role. The use of imagery will be to add further suspicion as to what is real and what is false.

  • 0 Prologue (The Fall)


  • I The Magician
  • II The High Priestess
  • III The Empress
  • IV The Emperor
  • V The Hierophant
  • VI The Lovers
  • VII The Chariot


  • VIII Strength
  • IX The Hermit
  • X The Wheel Of Fortune
  • XI Justice
  • XII The Hanged Man
  • XIII Death
  • XIV Temperance


  • XV The Devil
  • XVI The Star
  • XVII The Moon
  • XVIII The Sun
  • XX Judgement
  • XXI The World
  • 0 Epilogue - The Fool

Most of the chapters will be un-named, only numbered. The penultimate chapter of each story, The Lovers, Death and Judgement, each represent an increasingly terrible confrontation (with the truth, perhaps) - whilst the final chapters, The Chariot, Temperance and The World provide answers and realisation about what the greater truth is.