A character or city. As a city, it may be located upon the shore of Lake Demhe. There are several real world Alars in Asia. Also the middle name of Hoseib Alar Robardin.

According to the Encyclopedia CthulhianaEdit

  1. Character from the play The King In Yellow, in one account.
  2. City which besieges the metropolis of Hastur in the same play, according to others.

The MaskEdit

The Pallid MaskEdit

In More Light by James Blish, Alar (apparently a city) is named as the inventor (whatever that means) of the Pallid Mask.

The Streets Of AlarEdit

Murder-mystery by DJ Tyrer set in the eponymous city.

Dark Stars & Steam Edit

Sequel to The Streets Of Alar, during which Alar is at war with the city of Aldones.

The King In Yellow (Thom Ryng play)Edit

Captain of the Guard.