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The glaring red Aldebaran is the 'eye' of the celestial Bull, Taurus, and is seen at the centre here at one tip of the V-shaped Hyades cluster (taken from APOD)

Aldebaran is a bright, vivid, red giant star (officially a star system, taking into account several close companions), the 'Eye of the Bull' in the constellation of Taurus, whose face is formed by the Hyades. In the Mythos, it may be the location of Carcosa.

"Aldebaran" means The Follower in Arabic, probably referring to it following the Pleiades across the night sky. In Aztec myth, it and the Pleiades are associated with demons that will one day destroy the earth.

The Vril Society and Thule Society of pre-Nazi Germany allegedly held seances to attempt contact with ancestral Aryan aliens that dwelt on a planet orbiting Aldebaran and which had once settled Sumeria.

Also known as Palilicium.

See also Hyades, and Betelgeuse for another famous red star in the same sector of the sky.

In Fiction

In The Mask, Aldebaran and the Hyades are listed alongside Hastur and Alar as if the latter were stars.

Pioneer Approaches Aldebaran is a poem by DJ Tyrer and was published in an issue of Bard with an Aldebaran theme that also included a poem related to the Aztec myth.

In Fantastic Worlds by Cardinal Cox, the Aldebaran entry states that its habitable worlds were incinerated millennia ago.

In The Colour Of Death by Dirk Holland, Aldebaran is home to a crustacean race possibly analogous to the Migo.

In Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley, a woman from Aldebaran named Sheera is mentioned in connection with the Migo. (It is unclear if this is a reference to the alleged Vril Society seances.)

In More Light it is said to be at war with The King In Yellow and his followers in the Hyades.

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