The sky this morning is beautiful. The sun is still low in the sky, but shining its brightest, the sky around it painted gold and orange. The sky is cloud free, the only shadows a the deep blue tint lurking on the far horizon, chased away by the rising sun, and a distant range of mountains caught in silhoette beneath it. Down below me a river meanders from the mountains, through distant ancient forests. Gazing down I imagine the trees teaming with life, but up here everything is peaceful, distant, a masterpiece to be admired and considered. I smile and close my eyes, basking in the gentle warmth of the sun.

My companion reminds me I'm not alone by resting his head in my lap. I look down at the small dog, who is looking out across the landscape stretch out before and below us, his eyes twitching to meet mine, to make sure he has my attention. I laugh and he raises his head, quizzical, then jumps back a step, tail wagging, tongue protruding slightly, wanting to play. He barks at me, and I laugh again.

"Okay, okay," I say, folding my hands in my lap and picking up my open book and pen from my side, to pack away. The dog jumps back another step, tail picking up in pace, and barks again, jumping around so as to keep it's distance as I reach for my bag, laying nearby on the rocks. I frown for a moment, recalling my bag is more a pack than hankerchief tied into a bundle, then am distracted by a further item. Growing out of the rock-face is a single white rose. I peer at it for a moment - it seems strange to see it all alone up here, on this mountain ledge. I look around, along thie ledge, a hand shielding my eyes from the sun, looking around for any further signs of plant-life, but can see none. How is it then that this one rose grows here?

I look again and see not a white rose, but a lily.

- Part of 'Anarkana' (KG)