Atlas was a Titan in Greek myth. His name has variously been glossed as coming from the Proto-Indo-European for 'to uphold', Greek for 'Enduring' or Berber for 'Mountain'. He was punished for siding against the Olympians by being made to support the sky (Uranus) - statues showed him supporting the celestial globe, which was later confused with the idea of him supporting the Earth.

He was the father of the Hyades and Pleiades.

Atlas was sometimes said to be King Atlas of Mauretainia, who was said to be the first astronomer. Plato named the first King of Atlantis as Atlas.

Places named after Atlas include the Atlas Mountains, Atlantic Ocean (sea of Atlas) and Atlantis (island of Atlas). The former are close to the Atlantic and the latter was said to be located in the Atlantic.

He is referenced in Across The Wine Dark Sea and Atlas Shrugged.

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