An indie game created by Lord Rutsah (sold on Steam), Ayumi is a horror game, set in a future where humanity starts exploring the cosmos through spaceships, with one such ship accidentally approaching Carcosa. The crew soon starts growing insane.


Ayumi, the protagonist, lives on the unnamed spaceship where the game takes place, brought along by her parents who work there. The spaceship is headed towards the previously unexplored Tauri Gamma (a star of the Hyades), in order to mine the vast amounts of gold detected there. As they approach the planet however, crew members start experiencing headaches and are haunted by disturbing visions.

Eight year old Ayumi wakes up to find the spaceship covered in complete darkness, with no signs of the crew and unearthly monsters crawling around. Throughout the game the player will often encounter the byakhee, which are called "His angels" or "His messengers" by notes found in-game. Other encounters include the Naga and the Migo, as well as frequent references to the King in Yellow (often named "The crowned puppet").


As a 2D horror game, the player mainly needs to avoid the various monsters crawling around the spaceship, as well as avoiding physical obstacles and solving the occasional puzzle. Since this all happens from a child's perspective combat is not an option, so the player needs to either hide or run. Exploration is a key part of the game, as credits, found hidden in various areas, are used both to resurrect when the player dies and to activate the ship's security bots, to clear out specific paths.

2.5 Update

WIth its new and final update, the game is now 100% based on the Yellow Mythos, with the player constantly tormented by the voice of the King in Yellow, while the plot is expanded to feature what horrific plans the King has for the crew members of the spaceship. Moreover, AIs have gone insane doing the bidding of the King and crawling around the spaceship, while the game features brand new, ominous endings, replacing its old ones. New areas have been added, with bloody messages about Carcosa and its Mythos covering the entire spaceship.

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