Story by John Tynes. Like Ambrose, it was originally published as a chapbook from Armitage House, but was subsequently anthologized in Rehearsals for Oblivion (Act I), edited by Peter A. Worthy. It is part of a trilogy that includes Ambrose and Sosostris. Unlike Ambrose, it is definitely for adults.

Set in 1934 New York, it concerns bank robber, murderer, and heroin junkee Jaycy Linz, who, while on the run from the mess he has made of his life, takes shelter in the mysterious hotel Broadalbin, where reality is as fluid as Dali's watches and all roads lead to Carcosa. He is joined by a woman, Debra, who gives him a plant pod called Melonia that causes him to briefly enter Carcosa where he finds a bottle with the name Joseph Hille written on it. Pursued by his enemies, he and Debra blunder into Carcosa where they find their bottles in the labyrinth. He reawakens in New York which, like Yhtill before it, is slowly being absorbed into Carcosa.

The story itself can be found online HERE.

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