Leading British genre poet and contributor to the 2007 King In Yellow Anthology. Amongst his various writings he'd contributed a biographical introduction to the Ash-Tree Press edition of The Stoneground Ghost Tales by E. G. Swain (1996). Also produced the Lovecraftian pamphlets Codex Cthulhapalooza (2010); Codex Dagon (2010, including a reference to H.G. Wells); Codex Ulthar (2011 including a reference to Lord Dunsany); Codex Nodens (2012, inspired by Arthur Machen); Codex L'ng (2012, inspired by Tibetan mythology); Codex Ponape (2013, but noted as not the sixth in the series but rather the fifth-and-a-half as the equivalent of the contractual obligation album of demo's, b-sides, out-takes and live tracks that bands sometimes put out); Codex Hastur (2013, set in the 1890s and so using a high-Victorian take on Lovecraftian mythos, George MacDonald's Lilith as a version of the Dreamlands, JK Huysmans' La-Bas providing evil cults, plus the more usual suspects of Machen, Chambers and Bierce); Codex Yr'm (2013, the third in the Atlantean Publishing Xothic Sathlattae series and the 6A of the Codex sequence); and Codex Yuggoth (2014, the seventh in the series and last in the initial sequence, with references to Bram Stoker, H.G. Wells and Franz Kafka).

Following this initial sequence he produced Codex Lilith - co-credited to T. Kelly Lee - (2014, the 99th in the series, that imagines a witch-cult within the Lovecraftian world and with references to Bewitched, Buffy, Charmed, Sabrina and The Wicker Man).

The second sequence began with Codex Jermyn (2015, eighth in the sequence and focusing on Homo erectus amongst our own species, with references to tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs and E.F. Benson, amongst others); Codex Atlantis (2015, eighth in the Atlantean Publishing Xothic Sathlattae series 8A in the sequence, with work inspired by Robert E. Howard, Henry Kutner and Clark Ashton Smith).

Previously he was the Poet Laureate of Peterborough (2003), Poet-in-Residence at the Broadway Cemetery, also in Peterborough (2005 to 2008), won the John Clare Poetry Prize (2009) and in 2010 he came joint-first in the Data Dump Award for best British published SF poem (he holds the record for the poet whose work has been long-listed, short-listed and placed the most times for the Award); his poem Carcosa Rising was long-listed for the Award in 2008. He was Poet-in-Residence of the 15th Century St. John the Baptist church in Peterborough 2012 - 2013, work from which became his book My Words Were Now Written(2015). In 2015 he was appointed Poet-in-Residence of The Dracula Society. His installment of Yellow Leaves (issue 3) was - in part - a preview of  Codex Hastur.

The Sonic Energy Authority

Cardinal Cox was a member of the band The Sonic Energy Authority (mentioned in novels by Robert Rankin, Peter F. Hamilton and Jon Courtenary Grimwood). The band planned an instrumental album called Music for the Play The King In Yellow, but it was never produced.

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