Story by Neal Wilgus. Originally written for a fiction competition, it was completed too late, but Neal quickly found a home for it in ??? and it was later republished in Monomyth 13.1.


I always perceive more and otherwise than I see. - Jean-Paul Sartre

The oddly-named New Mexican psychic investigator Ipse Dixit is hired by the police to look into a murder that occurred several years previously, the so-called Rona Case in which the children of part-time hooker and drug dealer Juanita Lopes were found murdered and she and her boyfriend, Hoseib Alar, were the main suspects. Also suspected was Colonel Tom Halberd, her occasional lover, and his wife, Veronica "Ronca" Halberd. Complicating matters, Juanita has since married a Dr Barnabas, whilst her ex-boyrfiend has apparently started a new life as psychosurgeon Dr H.A. Robardin. Dixit uncovers hints of a strange cult at work in the T'charcosa Badlands and the very presence of La Llorona herself...

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