Cthulhutech is an alternative dark futuristic role playing game, but where as the Yellow Dawn RPG mixes The Cthulhu Mythos in with a post-apocalyptic zombie-stricken world, Cthulhutech has mankind developing strange new technologies which might, just might, give mankind some hope against elements of the Mythos that are stronger and no longer in hiding. In a nutshell it looks like Cthulhu etc. versus Mecha.

Hastur, appearing as The King In Yellow, commands one of the warring alien factions.



Welcome to the Aeon War. Invaders from Beyond run amok throughout our solar system. The ancient prophecies have come true the dark days have arrived. Nothing can save us humanity now. Nothing except………. Mythos-Mechs. Science and sorcery bound together in lethal fighting machines piloted by elite human warriors.

Alien invasion? No sweat. Cult Activity? One word: Nuked. Monster attack? Crushed like the bugs they, (quite literally), are.

Enter a world where science has explained and controlled the ancient sorcery of pre-human cultures, and turned these cosmic powers and eldritch secrets into ultra-modern weapons and technology. Blurring the line between science and sorcery was only the first step, using advanced cloning and genetics techniques researchers have begun to blur the lines between the new technology, and human beings. Creating weapons that are not only alive, but also intimately linked to their controllers. The designers have crafted an fascinating world with more threats, foes, and theoretical allies than you can shake a stick at, I’m certain that once this game hits the market it’ll satisfy even the high standards of us Mythosites. Several interesting things popped up while I was preparing this pre-review, first was the similarity between Cthulhutechs premise and the premise of the Japanese Manga/Anime Evangelion, for those of you who haven’t seen the anime its about huge cyber-alien battlesuits piloted by humans to combat hostile aliens. Also, several of the characters in the historical timeline have great names, my favourite would have to be Alice Faye Morgan, which if you’re a fan of Anagrams is shockingly like Morgana La Fey, of Arthurian Myth(os). Little Details like this are sure to make this a memorable, and entertaining game. Hopefully the good folks at EOS Press will continue to keep us informed of there development, and progress towards this work.

Check out the Wikipedia page and the Cthulhutech Wiki for details.