There are a number of cults said to have sprung up around both Hastur, The King in Yellow and The Yellow Sign. Here we list notable examples.

A large number of these cults may only know of The Carcosa Mythos or The Hastur Mythos through their own twisted philosophies and exposure to the various elements. If any of them have any knowledge of the greater Cthulhu Mythos it is the Brothers and the Cult of the Yellow Sign.

Obviously, these cults are fictional. You won't find them existing in the real world. At least we hope not.

Tainted RacesEdit

The bulk of cultists, and those that serve the gods, are human. Some, however, trace a heritage back through millennia that shows them to be a race apart from recognised civilised human society. Many of these serve Hastur, though it's important to note that many of these races do so as part of a pantheon of gods, of which Hastur is just one of several important figures.


These are either aliens or humans warped so much as to be totally in servitude to Hastur.

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