This is a work in progress. If you notice any glaring omissions please fill in the gaps (and try to keep true to the 'style' of the rest of the wiki).

I've been dropping in references from the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana in order to flesh out the most basic entries on the Wiki, and have uploaded a few pictures that I need to find illustrators names and other credits for (those currently in use are my own graphics, aside from the original Yellow Sign graphic). The main Wiki image and the current King in Yellow 'photo' are my own.

Hopefully, given time, we'll be able to reference a whole bunch more stories and authors. Beyond that maybe the Wiki will be a hub of King in Yellow discussion, and provide ideas and inspiration of its own.

Well... one step at a time...

The pages listed at Special:Wantedpages are those which are most required to be written, due to various links currently leading no-where...

Talking of which, the Links page is also home to all manner of relevant links which I have not yet been able to sift through. Feel free to poke around there if you can't find the information you need anywhere else.

DJ Tyrer - I have added a number of entries relating to the 2007 King In Yellow Anthology, as well as various other entries that were unwritten. Many of these could do with expansion. In addition, I have added a few new categories - so please take a look at those when you are adding or updating pages. (I have also noticed some page titles are not entirely intuitive, eg H. P. Lovecraft - with spaces - rather than H.P. or HP or H P - so double check when creating links to avoid confusion or multiple entries!) I am in the process of adding further information from Bierce and Chambers and will be tackling the Hastur Cycle at some point in the future. I will also be getting rid of irrelevent information that has not been touched for years in order to tidy the wiki up.