Curse of the Yellow Sign is a trilogy of stand-alone adventures written by John Wick for the The Call of Cthulhu RPG, inspired by the weird stories of Robert W. Chambers, the creator of The King in Yellow. It was originally published in 2009 - as three separate PDFs - but in 2015 it was reprinted as a single book/PDF following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The visual look and feel of the book was redesigned and new illustrations and designs were added. All three Acts were revised, expanded and updated.

Each adventure is a separate “Act” in a greater play. A slow revelation of the greater, wicked universe.

Act I: Digging for a Dead God

In May of 1939, somewhere in the jungles of Africa, a small band of soldiers have stumbled across something ancient. Something terrible. And they are about to suffer the consequences.

In Act I, the players take the roles of soldiers during World War II in Africa. They unlock, and thus, unleash a dangerous idea that takes the form of a German folk tale and slowly drives the soldiers mad.

Act II: Calling the King

At the turn of the century in an abandoned hotel in the dead darkness of winter six actors sit to read a cursed play.

In Act II, a famous theatre and movie director puts together a cast for the reading of The King in Yellow. He has an ulterior motive... but then again, so does the play.

Act III: Archimedes VII

Archimedes 7 is a colony ship traveling form our solar system to a distant world. A small piece of tin protecting its inhabitants from the dangers of the void. But the real danger is already inside the ship.

We've been to the past, to the present, and now we reach the future where the horrors that have been unlocked finally reach out to the stars.

The above information is taken from the Kickstarter page which also contains free links to download the original PDFs:

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