Author of A Devil in the Folds (Tales of the Talisman 4.3), Beyond The Pale (The Yellow Sign 2), Limited Edition (The Yellow Sign 2), The Eleven Thieves (Monomyth 12.1), Pallid Apocalypse (Monomyth 8.2), Slouching Towards Carcosa (Bard 77), and The 7th Day The Yellow God Rests (Monomyth 9.1). These last three also appear in The Phantom Of Truth, along with his illustration of The Phantom Of Truth on the cover. His stories Future Imperfect (originally published in In The Court of the Yellow King) and The Lady of the Lake were published in A Terrible Thing.

Glynn Barrass has written a number of tales utilizing Robert W. Chambers' Carcosa Mythos as their setting, many involving 'Yellow Cross' a secret government agency whose sole purpose is to thwart incursions caused by the cursed play 'The King In Yellow.'

Information on the Yellow Cross, its agents and its enemies, as well as a list of stories, can be found in The Yellow Cross page.

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