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The King In Yellow : An Anthology was published in 2007 by Atlantean Publishing; it was edited by DJ Tyrer and included stories, discussion, poetry and artwork. It is an A4 format, small press publication.

It was replaced by A Terrible Thing in late 2016, containing many of the stories from this collection, plus additions.

Prose Content

The following prose stories and articles appeared in the anthology :


The following poems appeared in the anthology :


The following artwork appeared in the anthology :

  • Yellow Sign by DJ Tyrer (appears in colour on the front cover and inside rear cover, also in grey as a filler piece)
  • a piece by Alan Hunter (page 1)
  • illustration for The Rest Of Your Life by Chris Catt James (of Carcosa exit road sign; page 11)
  • a piece by Chris Catt James (page 12)
  • Carcosa by Hugh Thomas (page 15)
  • illustration for Dreams Of The King (page 25)
  • Spaceship by Chris Catt James (page 28; this has also been used to illustrate DS Davidson's Lovecraftian SF tale The Grail Of Derwandir in Atlantean Publishing's Grail anthology and Monomyth)
  • A Moon Over Carcosa by DJ Tyrer (page 32; also used as a cover for Bard)
  • illustration for Sire by Chris Catt James (page 33)
  • illustration for The Swelling by David Conyers (page 47)
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