M45 gendler 960

Pleiades (taken from APOD)

An open star cluster, part of Taurus, containing Celaeno and preceding Aldebaran in its journey across the night sky. Although they appear in fairly close visual proximity to it in the heavens, the 'Seven Sisters' are actually quite distant from Aldebaran: at over 400 light years from Earth, they are six times further away than the red star. Unlike Aldebaran and some of the Hyades, they are not red giants, but are blue-white in colour, as this cluster is still fairly young and the massive blue stars had not have time to explode since their formation. Similarly, much of the nebulous clouds of molecular hydrogen is still present around the stars.

Like Aldebaran, they are associated with demons in Aztec myth. In Greek myth, the daughters of Atlas.

See also Aldebaran, Hyades.

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