Simon Brook is a fictional alter-ego, used to introduce various essays:

Who Is 'Simon Brook'?Edit

The character Simon Brook was a character created for the game 'De Profundis' (and as such a member of 'The Society'). He worked closely with fellow member Dr James Roberts, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, after the two had worked on The Carcosa Mythos for some time. Soon after the doctor's disappearance, Simon's girlfriend Sara also went missing, with a bunch of art students, during the middle of a fashion show based around the play. Two things never revealled in Simon's correspondences with the Society were A. It was actually him who introduced the play to his girlfriend and her fellow students and B. Dr. James Roberts was actually an aspect of Simon himself, though his continued exploration of the book lead the doctor to develop as an alternative personality that then 'disappeared' - whether the doctor was Simon's dream self, his future self or something entirely different was never discovered.

He presented the doctor's work to The Society as the remains of his work, though his essay about the Early Dawn Society is written as himself.