Regarding translationsEdit

It may be rather irrelevant, but the translations "Kraljin Zut" and "Obdredeni clan Krali unutra Zut" for the title of the Play are definitely not correct. "Kraljin" and "Obdredeni" are not even words in the languages in question, but they were probably meant to be "Kralj" and "Odredjeni". "Krali" was probably also supposed to be "Kralj" ("Krali" means "stole", whereas "Kralj" means "king"). In that case, the translations given would mean "King Yellow" and "Chosen member King inside Yellow", respectively ("unutra" is an adverb, not a presposition, meaning "inside").

For Zagreb, Belgrade, and Sarajevo, the correct translation should be "Kralj u Žutom" (or "Краљ у Жутом"). For Sofia, it should be "Кралят в жълто". For Bucharest, it should probably be "Regele în galben", but I do not speak Romanian, so someone should verify this if possible. 00:12, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

Best to keep as is on the page as they're taken from the story, especially as there seems to be a degree of unreliable narrator. Perhaps a separate page of accurate title translations for future authors would be a good idea? DJ Tyrer 15:36, January 31, 2012 (UTC)