Story in The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. 'Philip, a Stranger' an American, gets lost whilst hunting in Brittany, encounters The Demoiselle D'Ys (Jeanne), and is invited back to the castle where she lives, the Chateau d'Ys. Whilst the two become close, it is clear to us, the reader, that this castle and those who live in it are strangers to the world Philip recognises, and at the end he returns to the world he knew, after a sudden attack by a snake.

Jeanne is 19 and lives alone in the castle except for Pelagie, her nurse, her four falconers (Hastur, Raoul, Gaston and Sieur Piriou Louis) and her beater Glenmarec Rene. The ending is similar to that of An Inhabitant of Carcosa with Philip finding himself standing beside unfamiliar ruins that prove to be those of the chateau and discovers a gravestone for Jeanne who "died in her youth for love of Philip, A Stranger, AD 1573".

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