An 1895 tale from Robert W. Chambers, published soon after his collection The King In Yellow, and not unrelated to it in terms of setting.

"...the author claims [it] is historically accurate, apart from the romance story within it.

The story occurs just a few months after "The Street of the First Shell" in The King In Yellow. After the defeat of the Franco-Prussian War there was a communist insurrection in Paris and a short-lived Reign of Terror in the spring of 1871. The story is exciting (if perhaps a bit too long) and has plenty of fighting, escaping, jumping over walls and wearing disguises; in this sense it is a adventure-romance in the mode of The Prisoner of Zenda, although quite a bit more scary in that the background is based in reality, and quite bloody.

This makes for a strange combination: a lovers' romance intermingled with the anti-romantic details of a gruesome civil war."

Summaries from:

and The Red Republic (1895) Note: Non-OCR'd scans in PDF and DjVu; text version is an unproofed dump from the DjVu.

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