A variety of theories on many things Yellow have been advanced at times over the years, by those who would seek to impose some order on the frequently nebulous and confusing world of the mythos begun by Robert W. Chambers, via the likes of Ambrose Bierce, and expanded through associations with H.P. Lovecraft, role-playing games et al. Since one of the defining features of the mythos, especially in those early stories, is a distinct lack of clear, coherent, unambiguous detail, there is plenty of scope for this. The full assortment of related pages found on this wiki can be found via the Category tag at the bottom of this page.

The diifferent versions of the MythosEdit

A good place to start is understanding the slightly different definitions of the mythos:

Essays on the MythosEdit

The five pages written by the fictitious 'Dr James Roberts' provide a thoughtful and in-depth guide to some perplexing aspects of the mythos raised by The King In Yellow (The Book) and related stories.

The King In Yellow (The Play)Edit

Speculation on the actual content and structure of the apocryphal play, details on which are almost entirely left out of the original stories.

Individual subject theoriesEdit

The following pages all contain speculation and reasoned argument for a particular view – or discussion of several views – about certain facets of the mythos, both pertaining to the real world and to the fiction.

There is also a page for Ideas, not-quite-theories, and a page for Tenuous Links, things that are only distantly related to the mythos but which may be worthy of further consideration.

In addition, an attempt to fit in French occurrences and analyses about the King in Yellow – after all, several of the original stories were set in France, and some of Chambers' inspiration came from there – can be found at