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Unknown Armies (abbreviated UA) is an occult-themed role playing game by John Tynes and Greg Stolze and published by Atlas Games. Subtitled "A roleplaying game of power and consequences". The first edition was paperbound and published in 1998 (with the original subtitle of "A roleplaying game of transcendental horror and furious action"), the revised and expanded 2nd edition was published in a hardbound format in 2002 (with a second printing in 2004).


The game is set in a modern-day "occult underground," populated by loose networks of shadowy cabals and practitioners of magic. Commonly described as "Quentin Tarantino's Call of Cthulhu" by RPG fans, the style and setting of the game draws on a number of influences, including the fantasy novels of Tim Powers, the crime novels of James Ellroy, the films of David Lynch, the Illuminatus! Trilogy, and comic books such as Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. The game creates an extensive postmodern mythology of everyday weirdness and magic that lurks in the shadows of the mind.

The Carcosa Mythos?Edit

In short, no, the Carcosa Mythos doesn't get a single mention. However, it's worth noting that co-creator John Tynes is responsible for the most thorough interpretation of The Hastur Mythos into game material, not to mention being the author of the three stories Broadalbin, Ambrose and Sosostris. The fact that nothing of relevence appears in the core book or supplements might suggest an attempt to distance the world of Unknown Armies from this other work. However the cover of the supplement Postmodern Magick has The Yellow Sign (the symbol) splashed vividly across the chest of a spell-caster. Finally, it has to be said that the use of avatars and archetypes seems particularly apt, as do the themes of 'power and consequence.'

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